Embroidery is the process where fabric or other material are decorated using needles and colored threads. The desired design or image to be decorated will be digitized using specialized software. The digitized embroidery design will then be loaded into a computerized embroidery machine.

Pros and Cons

Embroidery produce a finished product that is professional and classy suitable for a wide range of purposes. Embroidery is also a somewhat versatile method of decorating as designs can be embroidered onto T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Caps, Towels and many other fabric materials. However, similar to Silk Screen Printing, embroidery requires considerable efforts in the setting up and preparation. These setting up procedures are generally the mounting of thread colours to be used, digitizing of embroidery design and the preparation of stabilizers. Therefore this method of T-shirt printing can be costly if the quantity to be printed if small.

MADERA Threads

Here at Asia Apparel, we use MADEIRA embroidery threads from Germany. MADEIRA threads are of the high quality, having passed strict DIN and ISO standards in terms of assured washing characteristics and other tests. It is also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Marks & Spencer certificated.

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