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 The first step to our printing is to select the medium where you would like your design to be printed on. Asia Apparel carries a wide array of ready stocks of various brands such as Printwears, Gildan, Oren Sport, Pull & Chill, EXXT, just to name a few. However, if the ready stocks designs do not meet your requirements or you have a custom t-shirt design in mind, we also provide t-shirt customization services.

The second step would be to select the desired printing method. If you have no idea what printing method is ideal to your design then we will suggest based on your artwork and medium. 

Here at Asia Apparel, we provide a wide range of printing methods such as DTG, Silkscreen, Embroidery and Heat Transfer. Do not worry if you are confused by the different t-shirts printing methods, as our experienced staff will advise you on the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

Can print great details with no color limitation. Best to print images with personalisation or small quantity order. Works best on cotton material or canvas. Printing are very durable and breathable thus comfortable to wear.

Silkscreen Printing

Best for larger batches as it’s the most cost effective printing type as the quantity gets bigger. Very durable however limited to colors and design must be solid. Details not as good as other printing types printed by machines.

Vinyl Heat Transfer

Single color sticker like material for textiles called vinyl for small quantity. Very common for wording, numbering or logos. Not recommended for full image printing or bulk order as the weeding process will be very troublesome.


The most durable of all and best to be used on thicker material such as polo shirt, towel & cap. Needlework add more texture, richness and dimension to the medium. Printing can be costly if quantity to be printed is small.


We also provide printing services for the other apparel and accessories other than t-shirt printing. These items includes caps, lanyards, button badges, shorts, bags, umbrella and many more items. Therefore you are not restricted to t-shirt printing at Asia Apparel. We are also instant printing service provider to event, roadshow, exhibitions or product launches focused on personalised gift, digital printing and heat transfer apparel or goodies for Merchandise Marketing. This makes them a great marketing tool for any brand, business or corporation.

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