Full Dye Sublimation

The designs are digitized and printed onto special transfer papers using printers using dye sublimation ink. The dye sublimation transfer is then transferred to fabric using a heat press at high temperature allowing the ink to sublimate and enter the fiber of the fabric. The resulting product is clothing with an unlimited range of color and magnificent soft feel over the printed area. In addition to this, the process does not leave any polymer on the t-shirt, thus more environmentally friendly.

Dye and Fabric

As per ordinary dyeing process where a lighter color cannot be used to dye a darker colored fabric, dye printing can only be used on white or light colored fabric. Also as the dye need to enter the fiber of the fabric, dye printing is more suitable for only certain types of material. These materials includes lycra and polyester which are the recommended material for sports wears, thus dye printing is recommended for sports wear.

Features of Sublimations

Full printing seam to seam

Unlimited range of colors

Smooth, soft and stretchable

Colour and design accurate

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