When Microsoft first released Windows 11 on October 4th, the company said it expected it would offer the upgrade to all eligible devices by mid-2022. The point is, there are a lot of good changes in this update, and that’s why we’d generally recommend installing it. Another big reason why upgrading is a good idea is to extend the support period for your PC. Each version of Windows 11 gets two years of support , meaning you get security updates every month. It’s been six years since Microsoft last launched a new version of their operating system in 2015.

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1 Who is responsible for Wine?

For the contrasting argument, read Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 11. And keep track of all the latest news and tips on our Windows 11 home page. To get the most out of the new operating system, read our Best Tips and Tricks for Using Windows 11.

  • This tutorial will show you different ways on how to take a screenshot in Windows 10 and of the lock screen.
  • From here, you need to click the New button in the upper-left to initiate a screen capture and open the small panel.
  • Home Server allowed users to share files such as digital photos and media files, and also automatically backed up home networked computers.
  • You have to open a program like Paint, Photoshop, Word, etc. and paste it there to see the screenshot.

Taking a screenshot on your Windows computer is a useful feature. It can be helpful for record-keeping and capturing the screen to share with other people. You can also use it to highlight any software error or bug you have experienced. If you’re using a mouse instead of a touchpad, windows you can access the menu by right clicking the mouse. Or, even better, use the Ctrl + V keyboard command to paste your content. To open the Windows Snip Sketch app or snipping tool, just type “Snipping tool” into the Windows 10 Start menu.

Can you downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10?

This will automatically save the image in the “Screenshots” folder inside the “Pictures” folder on your computer. To do this is just as easy but requires one more key to press . You start off making sure the window you want to capture is selected as the active window. This is so Windows knows what you are trying to capture.

I haven’t noticed any big performance improvements or problems running games on Windows 11. It feels exactly the same as Windows 10 for gaming, as far as I can tell. PC Gamer has noticed that Windows 11’s new Virtualization-Based Security can impact gaming performance by as much as a 28 percent drop in frame rates.

Will Windows 10 stop working if you don’t upgrade?

Microsoft has made it clear that gaming is a big focus for Windows 11, so it’s the better platform for gamers now, especially with some of the performance bugs worked out. PC gamers are updating to Windows 11 in droves, so that’s a good sign. You can use Windows 11 or Windows 10 for remote work, but Windows 11’s collaboration features are much better. It supports background blur, eye contact adjustments for meetings, and automatic framing — none of which are present on Windows 10. These AI-powered features are available through Microsoft Teams, though some of them may depend on the hardware you have in your computer.

Way to take Screenshot on Surface and Surface ProWindows has some more Surface-specific shortcuts to take screenshots that work only on Surface and Surface Pro. This is because these devices do not have a PrtScn key. The Game Bar lets you take screenshots of your active game window. This shortcut, Fn + Alt + Print Screen, is similar to the one outlined above. It takes a screenshot of the active window and copies it to the clipboard.