For 2 years of operation did not let down even once. There were, of course, breakdowns, where without them – the truth is only one, somewhere at 35,000 km: the engine cooling fan stopped working, there was only 1st speed and 3rd, so it sometimes made so much noise. but this little thing was fixed under warranty! In general, the car is "relaxing", driving in it is comfortable and convenient. Suspension is just a miracle, firstly very comfortable, but not lulling, at the same time dense, and the car practically does not heel in corners. For 2 years of operation is not sub. more On the track, I squeezed up to 190 (normal maximum speed), but it was clear that the car was capable of more! The car passed only 50,000 in 2 years, even if it’s not much to draw any conclusions about the quality of French cars, but I was very pleased. Excellent maneuverability, it will fit into any hole in the city 3. Of course, there are also disadvantages: 1. By the way, driving on cruise control allows you to increase the efficiency of movement, hence such low fuel consumption. The handling is beyond praise, but it does not provoke an aggressive driving style. Quickly, comfortably and economically deliver the head of the family to work, which is almost 100 km one way, provide comfort and convenience when traveling around the city and to the country house with the whole family (4 people and a large dog), have a large carrying capacity, do not cost more than 25 k$ etc. etc. The noise isolation in the cabin is such that noises that are usually not distinguishable in a car begin to annoy. But everything is OK on the track, as I said, the car does not heel and the suspension is dense, so even on large bumps the car does not sway and keeps the road perfectly. 2. When there was a need for a new car, it had to satisfy the same time. more Superbly transformable interior, where you can comfortably accommodate or easily transport fairly large and heavy loads. This is where seemingly incompatible things came together. Perhaps the only negative is the Michelin Alpen2 winter non-studded tires, which the salon provided as a gift. Anti-theft: so far I have only driven with a regular immo. 7. Now about the cons. I bought it in the Citroen Center Moscow, by the way, the people there are always friendly both in the showroom and in the service. These are the biggest drawbacks. However, cruise control, a rain sensor and parking sensors from a car dealership are the things that are inherent in more expensive cars. Pros: 1. All sorts of pockets, folding tables, a cooled glove box – everything is up to par, but no more than other models. I’m so used to her. WELL, A VERY SPACIOUS CAR IN THE SHOWROOM (after all, it was not in vain that I bought a minivan) 5. 02.05.2005 Xsara Picasso is love at first sight and a practical choice at the same time. So for a long time I could not understand what periodically tinkled from the back seat when there was a bag with a laptop, until I found that it was the zipper tabs rattling against each other. I bought a Hyundai Terracan 3.5. And although they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, studded tires are definitely needed for our winter roads. When Moscow was covered with snowfall, and even a snowstorm began – everything failed! The car in the parking lot stood like a huge snowdrift, and even around it there were huge (50 centimeters) snowdrifts. If CITROEN had SUVs, I would definitely buy from them. I consider these the most important advantages, you can talk about others for hours. But the time has come, I needed an SUV, I had to sell such a beloved car. The engine is almost always enough, of course, at speeds over 150 it already becomes a little sluggish, but where in Moscow can you drive so fast?! 2. Cockpit-like visibility, more upright seating for more comfort. The final choice fell on the Xsara Picasso Exclusive 1.8. However, the capabilities of the chair allow you to adjust to almost a standard light landing.

Citroen Picasso reviews

I have an Xcara Picasso 1.8 16V. When a need arose for a new car, it had to satisfy many criteria at the same time. The rear window gets dirty quickly. but I think this is a problem with most hatchbacks and minivans. She was praised by journalists for a perfectly tuned suspension (if not for the steering wheel, it would be ideal). 8. Long chose, sold by Trade-in in Rolf. Until now, despite the fact that the car was presented at the motor show in 1999 ( though they started to produce in 2000) – they look back at the car, even let all sorts of Mercs, Lexuses pass (when they look at the car and open their mouths) 6. I thought everything, the skiff is full. but the car left the FIRST TIME. The car is rather low, it’s normal in Moscow (the curbs are not so high), but if you go out of town, you just sneak around. I bought it in the Citroen Center Moscow, by the way, the people there are always friendly both in the showroom and in the service. Relatively small dimensions (4.27 m) make it easy to maneuver in Moscow traffic jams, but outwardly the car looks larger, which undoubtedly adds respect on the roads. Xsara Picasso is love at first sight and a practical choice at the same time. Excellent visibility 4. Peugeot 307SW, Opel Zafira and Ford C-max were considered as options. 03/10/2005 I have an Xcara Picasso 1.8 16V.