It is possible that the matter lies in the weight of our baby, slightly exceeding a ton. * (* 1100 kg). steering Audi A1, giving additional confidence to the driver in maneuvering at speeds, as a mechanic would have done in her place. Created in 2007 by the concern’s leading sports car designer as the main competitor to Mercedes-Benz A-Class and BMW Mini, our current ward has remained in the middle of the sales rating table, losing to Bavarian Mini in terms of original exterior design. This went on until this nimble kid fell into my hands for quite a long time, showing some unique advantages during operation. The methods of its welding and joining body panels of the Audi A1 in many technical solutions in the majority of cases surpass their counterparts, creating an aerodynamic winner car that is timeless. Therefore, the car does not look something special. In addition to the proprietary noise isolation present in the Audi A1, the audio system does an excellent job with its direct task. The car is beautiful in many ways, but not for tall people, especially on long trips. It would be possible to increase the torque a little more by cutting out the catalyst, which we did not * (* when replacing the catalyst with a special flame arrester, you can get from 1.4 T 260 Nm at 150 horsepower), due to the proximity of the critical torque of the preselective transmission. The build quality is top notch, no backlash squeaks, crackles, you won’t find anything like that. Well thought out and beautifully executed. During the operation of the Audi A1, I was very surprised with how comfortable tall or obese people can get on the "gallery". Unfortunately, the first generation of these engines was assembled in China from parts of poor quality, while seriously damaging the reputation of the German concern itself. Zruchny and light at keruvannya. Now our car ate 7.3 liters in the city against 6.8 liters, as it was at the factory settings. I’ve never been to a service station, just changed the oil. The DQ200 has been running the vast majority of Audi A1s for years with no complaints. Let’s evaluate the quality with which it is made. I remember cases when she treacherously punched, passing between the wheels, a larger than standard road junction. Any detail, as in older and more expensive representatives of the genus. Created in 2007 by the group’s leading sports car designer, as the basis. more 01/09/2020 The car is beautiful in many ways, but not for tall people, especially on long trips. To be honest, I myself looked at the Audi A1 with a big smile, not taking it seriously. Basically, up to 140, only the suspension and racks. Management 5 out of 5, you feel every. more Audi A1 has a controversial design. Not that big of a stock. Of course, this is not the best sound from what I’ve heard, but for a standard audio system, its game can be assessed as good with a good power reserve. mashinoy.Spending the minimum amount of fuel, he is ready to show the maximum return, measured by the power of the power unit, rewarding the owner with emotions from the dynamics and branded maneuverability. By turning the ignition key, we will start the engine, the technology of which has been recognized by the whole world. A small vitrata of a pale when milking a strained engine. You only have to think about how the speedometer needle will pass the mark of 160 km / h, continuing to crawl to the maximum one. After 140 thousand, I started to invest a little. Management 5 out of 5, you feel every centimeter on the road. Some people like him, some don’t. After replacing the program, we were expecting a slight increase in fuel consumption. Jumped and jumped. Fortunately, the baby has a later series of this engine. An additional plus to the excellent dynamics is added by the S-Tronic transmission, which is the only one possible among its automatically shifted gears. . For DQ200 quantitative limit, for immediate failure, will serve as a figure of 295 nm. In any case, it has its own zest for sure. To get the full enjoyment of the Audi A1, the engineers had to equip the full-color information display rising from the instrument panel with a touchscreen. Built on a completely independent, fairly rigid PQ25 platform. The car goes easily, remaining quite dynamic even after 140 km/h. He is capable of overtaking and rebuilding, without much difficulty. We close the door and let’s go! From the first seconds of the start, it becomes clear that it is better to go around the pits on this car. Another gray mouse in a stream of similar ones. Despite the recumbent landing, the driver will not be constrained by the review.

Audi A1 reviews

Audi A1 is one of the smallest cars in the entire large premium Audi family. And you will be right. 1.4
Our generation TFSI really sins with long warm-ups, which forces the owners of these machines to install additional pre-heaters from the Eberspacher or Webasto category. The pistons crumbled without even going through the third MOT. The engine is nimble, just touching the accelerator pedal is already 100 km / h. Using it, we kill our reinforced starter, which, according to statistics, is not reinforced at all, although it corresponds to this title with its high price. When scrolling through the compositions, there are tangible "brakes" in the output of information that can attract the attention of the driver, thereby distracting him from the road. Having felt the size of the car from the first seconds of acquaintance and after a minute, he will perform the most risky road pirouettes, as if he was born inside the Audi A1. roads, will not be felt by everyone present. Despite the presence of a turbine saving system from such sudden engine stops, which continues to cool it even after you leave the car, there is still some damage to other units from using this system. Thus. our specs are 145 horsepower with 235 Nm of torque. Unfortunately, the choice of compositions, playing from any of the possible sources, is possible only with the help of a joystick. EuroNcap experts as the maximum. Branded sports seats Recaro – uncompetitive. The in-line four-cylinder turbocharged TFSi, with a displacement of 1.4 liters and a power of 122 horsepower, was indeed recognized as the first in this particular issue. More sense will be from the regenerative braking system, which is also in this car. The engine is nimble, just touching the accelerator pedal is already 100 km / h. Basically, up to 140, only the suspension. more He realized that the Audi A1 had a good margin for a long game of checkers. While we were talking, the 1.4 TFSI warmed up, giving us a signal to start the car with the arrow of the coolant temperature gauge. – How long does it heat up! We have already managed to discuss so many topics! Tell me, looking with indignation at the indicators of the temperature needle, which has not even reached the ideal warm-up range yet. By turning on the alternator and charge aids, the regenerative braking system saves up to 3 percent fuel only when the car is braking or underway. In addition, after passing several traffic lights and "stalling" at each of them, more and more people will join my opinion, which reads that this system is able not only to save fuel, but to annoy the driver and others, wasting the resource of the starting elements of the motor. Improved firmware turned 122 regular horses into 145. 02.04.2014 The Audi A1 is one of the smallest cars in the large premium Audi family. The most accurate method of fitting and the quality of the stamp of body parts, made without exception from metal prepared and galvanized on both sides. Racks are harsh, although this is not surprising for a crossover. There is a traffic light ahead and we stop. Yes, after all, these four rings justify their price. Despite the excellent study of all the working areas of the shock absorber struts, which give the car its signature smoothness, we classify the Audi A1 suspension as a moderately capacious type. The car handles great and feels good. But it also has a tangible plus. As a result of these software improvements, we got not just a smart baby, but a real bullet capable of picking up speed from zero to 96 km / h in 8.6 seconds. We even experimented with it, slightly raising its power. I recommend the car! I got it in January 2015 and couldn’t be happier. Sitting in the cabin of the Audi A1, we will be surprised by the magical
space that is not visible from the outside. 02.11.2015 I got it in January 2015, I can’t get enough of it. Corrosion is an unfamiliar word for cars of this brand. The recumbent landing will show all its advantages at long distances, expressed in control of the situation, going along with comfort. In many solutions, the design of the main line is repeated. Without
savings and disadvantages. Both injectors and direct injection pumps died. Throughout the ownership of the Audi A1, the disable button for this option burned day after day, freeing the fuel assistant from his negligent help. Sitting inside the Audi A1, you don’t really feel that you are in a “penny”. Our family drove the Audi A1 for fifteen thousand kilometers without encountering a single one. Interior design is chic, high-quality plastic and leather blend perfectly. Stopping in front of a red traffic light completely and completely, our car suddenly stalled! The system worked
Start-Stop, which helps us further save fuel in the city by turning off the engine on its own in cases where you have already braked and continue to hold the brake pedal, which usually happens at city traffic lights. Just a well-thought-out space from all sides. Ergonomics "everything is at hand". I was also surprised by the consumption in the city: an average of 9 liters, and about 7 on the highway, if you do not press the pedal to the floor. Its properties as a good antistatic agent will significantly reduce the need for constant maintenance of interior panels. After 140 thousand, I began to invest a little. The mass of settings and their habitually successful anatomical design will take on all the fatigue of the driver. He no longer has problems with the piston and other problems. Or both at once. Only after a while the concern will think about this problem by combining the exhaust manifold with the engine valve cover. The dashboard is a molded monolith of premium soft WTRA plastic with record aging and fade resistance. Servotronic reduces its steering assistance adequately to the set speed, filling the steering wheel with the weight of rotation. Despite the junior family niche that this car has occupied in the Audi lineup since birth, leave no doubt succeed in the operation of its air conditioning system. Transmission automatic 6-speed, everything runs smoothly in unison with the engine. The driver, pressing the brake pedal, felt the excellent informativeness of the brakes. Luckily this is very easy to do. Its appetite on the highway generally changed to some grams,
practically without departing from the norms established by the factory of 4.5 liters for every hundred kilometers. Slightly more often than never, it will be necessary to wipe the side panels of the skin, due to its special contact proximity to the outside world. It becomes not entirely clear the reasons for such preselective devotion to the Audi A1 model. Compact car for the place. Ideally suitable for trips around the city and for old days. Maximum torque , thanks to a whole set of systems, both revealed its full potential at 1500 rpm, and continued to do so, adding an additional 35 to the original 200 newtons per meter. But it will be a completely different generation of motors. What problems did these
petrol engines! The timing chain was stretched, requiring immediate service attention. Instantly cools the interior, even when it’s hot in July outside.